A Website Development Framework For ExpressionEngine

eeSiteKit for EE 2.9.0 - (developer test copy) was created for people who need to build an ExpressionEngine website with content organized using EE’s native category systems in a proven site structure with forethought to SEO, valid HTML5, optional use of cross-browser-supported CSS frameworks, human and bot accessible fully dynamic navigation with drop-down menus and nested breadcrumbs, easy to use localized search results, human-friendly nested URIs, accessible forms, rss feeds . . . and they need to build it smart!

eeSiteKit | They’ll think you’ve added a new web developer to your team.

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What is eeSiteKit?

eeSiteKit is an advanced website development framework for ExpressionEngine.

Its a feature-rich embedded system of ExpressionEngine template code, site structure and proven development methods that meld together creating highly functional websites.

v2.2 Private Beta

eeSiteKit v2.2 entered private beta for all our current customers on March 4th, 2012.

This new version of the kit for 2012 includes:

  • jQueryMobile Templates
  • YAML 4 CSS Framework
  • Superfish Navigation
  • Improved Language Support
  • Streamlined Design Templates
  • A Flexible Default Theme
  • Mobile-ready forms
  • Modal Window Example
  • Advanced Search Example
  • Improved Commenting